What's this all about?

Mellten is a Welsh-language comic for children, bringing together stories, jokes, puzzles and competitions.

Why Mellten?

Comics are a fantastic way in to reading for children, especially for second language readers, and Mellten has been designed with these children in mind - manageable language but exciting, rich stories that don't patronise.

How can I order a copy?

Mellten is currently part of the Urdd's bi-monthly magazine, CIP - and is available as part of their free digital subscription service. For more details, and to sign up, click here.

You can pick up physical copies of Mellten issues 1-15 at Y Lolfa's website, here for £ 2 each.

Contact us!

We welcome any and all interactions from readers, so if your child has drawn a great Capten Clonc or wants to share any suggestions or feedback, please send a message to Mellten editor, huw@huwaaron.com.

Sut mae pysgod yn teithio i'r ysgol?

Ar yr octo-bws!